08 February 2004

sometimes you throw together one of those last minute meals and you totally hit the nail right on the head. last night was so one of those nights. i'd had a rather crappy afternoon so i dragged myself home, making a quick stop at people's food co-op and the main street party store for last minute supplies (veggies and beer). the roomie came to pick me up (and buy cod liver oil--it was on sale!), which was good because it's cold cold cold here!

i made the following tasty delicious dinner:
bowtie pasta with sauce consisting of broccoli, fake sausage, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, shallots with the help of butter, veggie stock, oregano, basil, salt, pepper and red wine vinegar and a little flour to thicken it up.

accompanied by a tasty delicious Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, the lovely company of my lovely roommate and everything seemed better than it had a few hours previous.

today i woke up feeling productive and made some banana bread. can't wait to eat some when i get home from work!


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