11 January 2004

one of those potluck things last night. i am firmly of the opinion that potlucks always work themselves out and, therefore, one should do the most minimal planning re:who brings what. fifteen or so people prodoced the following:

  • savory portabello cheesecake (my contribution, using the portabello mushroom relish from american spoon--it was heavenly)
  • endive, blue cheese and dried cherry salad (lrg's tasty creation)
  • veggies with annie's goddess dressing
  • vegan lasagna
  • potato, squash, tomato and feta cheese stuff (lrg's other tasty creation)
  • wheat-free bread with tapenade and goat cheese
  • mixed green salad
  • spanish tortilla, which my roommate makes all the time but never ceases to wow me--i could eat the stuff every day, easy.
  • guacamole bean dip with chips

  • marzipan
  • apple tart
  • apple crisp
  • apple pie
  • pumpkin pie
  • pecan pie
  • angel food cake with superchunky apple sauce and fresh whip cream
  • little candies
  • wheat-free cupcakes

  • 10 bottles wine, mostly red
  • 1 40oz. malt liquor
  • 1 bottle non-alcoholic heifeweizen
  • water
  • coffee

see? perfection!


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