13 December 2003

Yay! found the best place for dirty martinis last night! FullMoon makes the tasty "High Society" with belvedere. ask for it dirty and with olives instead of a twist and, oh, you will be a happy fancy person. i was almost a fancy person, but i don't think that i quite made it. picking the pimentos out of the olives with the yellow plastic pick on which they had been speared maybe wasn't really all that much class. especially when not one, not two, but three pimentos went flying across the room during three different pimento-removals. one almost landed on m's jacket. but it missed her. of course, i'm not entirely sure where it went either. oh well.

remember: me=all class, all the time.

also, have discovered the tofu fapita at Oasis, the fast food falafel joint across the street from school. i ate $2.50 falafel sandwiches there on an almost daily basis first time around and the thought of one now is deeply unappealing. but i decided to give oasis another non-falafel sandwich go and ordered the tofu fapita. granted, it's a whopping $0.75 more than the falafel, i think i've found my new sandwich. rice, very sauteed thinly sliced carrots, onions and garlic and very marinated and baked tofu all wrapped up in a pita. splendid! quick, only marginally messy and its not falafel! i'm happy. although the woman who serves the sandwich--wearing pants that tight cannot be good for the circulation. i'm concerned.


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