08 December 2003

for dinner, lrg, mj, rala (best i use code words...heavenforbid someone KNOW who i'm eating dinner with!) and i went to Mr.Greek's Coney Island. i stared long and hard at the chicken strips with fries (with coleslaw) listed on the menu but decided to be the good vegetarian wannabe type and got the portabella/o panini (with fries). it was ok. well, it was decent. but what can i expect from Mr.Greek's Coney Island? these Coney Island places are all over the detroit area and are consistently mediocre, judging by the two i've visited. there are three in ann arbor alone (well, two Coney Islands and one Koney Island) and, frankly, they're nothing like coney island at all. not one roller coaster in sight.

now i'm hungry and at the library. i am surrounded by frat boys. they are outraged by their cellphone carriers and filing suits. oh, and it seems that the brother of one got busted for something and has to do community service. good thing that his friend's dad got the kid a "big shot lawyer."

usually this gig is fun. sometimes it makes me hate all of humanity.

i wish i was eating some type of fried potato product right now instead of sitting at the reference desk.


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