06 January 2004

best lunch ever

leftover homemade beet borscht with a dollop of plain yogurt and fresh dill, lettuce-less salad (tomato, olives, cucumber, chickpeas, annie's goddess dressing), pumpernickel bread from zingermans. and beautifully colorful, too. so i took a picture. and hung it on my wall.

and eating in new york was fabulous, mostly. a big bowl of noodles at republic, tasty january 1st vegan breakfast at organic cafe with service that was so horrendous it was charming, late night pizza in the east village after a mediocre "fusion" meal at a trendy restaurant, tiramisu souffle and creme brulee in park slope at 5pm and best of absolutely all without a question:

lard bread!
oh, precious lard bread! mazzoula's special italian bread with provolone, chopped pepperoni and pepper mixed in, coated (we think) with lard to produce a crispy croissant-like crust. and this available just feet from our borrowed cobble hill apartment. we have one loaf left, sitting in my freezer. if you are ever in new york city--no, if you are ever on the east coast and you eat the meat, get yourself to union street in cobble hill, brooklyn for lard bread and i promise with all my heart you won't be disappointed. nothing is more heavenly than lard bread.


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