10 January 2004

after ten minutes of sampling the various jellies, jams, chutnies and marinades at american spoon, lrg and i went to seva for breakfast. she got a yummy omelette. i got the tofu scramble with soy sausage, potatoes and toast. she observed that the whole thing would've been better with some veggies mixed in. the "breakfast feast," as it is proudly declared on the menu, is tasty and all but so very dry. it just needs a little oomph and some broccoli and mushrooms would have oomphed it in just the right way. i felt, oddly, like i was eating a pile of dust, even though the tofu was moist enough. they mix it with tumeric and chop it so it actually looks like scrambled eggs. cute. i guess.

they do, though, have some of the best coffee in town, in my opinion. and the breakfast potatoes are divine!

now to the grocery store to buy ingredients for the savory portabello cheesecake i'm making for tonight's potluck! yay! potluck!


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