01 February 2004

yesterday had "medium" spiced food at tup tim, ann arbor's premier thai restaurant. i hear siam garden, in the quality inn, is pretty tasty, too. but if you go to tup tim remember to order a notch down from what you'd normally get. my curry was so spicy i could barely eat it...littered with red pepper! but good, nonetheless. equally tasty was my post-workout lunch at the people's food coop, which has the best cold/hot bar i've ever had. i got:

veggie chili
a small slice of pizza
salad (chickpeas, sprouts, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, annie's goddess dressing)
fried pita chips

i always get too much (it's pay the pound and i usually pay twice what anyone i'm with pays) but it is salad bar perfection...especially after three hours at the gym (so hard core!). it's all happy and organic, there's a ton of stuff to choose from, i can leave out the lettuce (unless it's organic stuff from henry's farm, i don't like lettuce in my salad) and if i'm feeling up to it, i can douse the whole thing with nutritional yeast. plus, they have liquid soy creamer in their cafe. sigh.


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