10 May 2004

i have consumed a whopping three americano's today! this could be an all time high, excluding homework related caffeine-intake. one could say i went on something of an americano tour of portland: cafe destino, kitchen cafe, some drive-thru, tiny's, another drive-thru, other places i can't remember because my short-term memory retrieval is seriously hindered by excessive caffeine intake. i think i liked tiny's the most but it could be because i was actually sitting down rather than driving or walking thru the rain. living in a perpetually rainy climate could only lead to a terrible, terrible caffeine addiction. i'd save so much money (i've, this weekend, paid between $1-$2 for the same double americano in a 16 oz cup drink) if i lived in, oh, hawaii, where it is usually sunny, i think. but maybe i'd blow it all on little paper umbrellas to put in the fruity drinks i'd make after work every day.


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