15 May 2004

finally made it to Dalat, the vietnamese place in ypsi for some tasty noodles. almost as good as red hot lovers turkey dog and cheese fries i had for lunch. dined with my favorite rockstar cataloger who hasn't eaten fries for two years!!!! she read some article that surprisingly linked fried potatoes to heart disease and even though, she claims, this type of thing doesn't usually move her to actually eliminate foods from her diet, her mood and who knows what else pushed her to drop fries! can you imagine?! no french fries?!!?! a fate worse than death!!! i can cut out sugar without a problem, could conceivably actually become a real vegetarian and probably eliminate wheat if i had to, but fries?! no way! it's wrong! just thinking about it makes me want to eat cheese fries from red hot lovers.

man. oh well. more fries for me, i guess.


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