25 May 2004

am having that compulsive i-have-a-flu-and-must-eat-veggie-broth-with-egg-noodles thing. i think i'll just go for it. i consumed a bottle of cranberry juice cocktail last night along with a Bowl of Health (quinoa, kale, red beans, tofu, brussel sprouts, red cabbage, eggplant all mixed into one big pile of mush, topped with nutritional yeast and braggs...it's SO much better than it sounds!). this, combined with the five hour nap i took in the middle of the day, meant some serious insomnia. oh, damn you high energy food item eaten in the late hours of the night!!

tonight, despite having lingering illness, i'm going to a potluck. i think i'm going to bring cabbage salad as it's tasty while requiring minimal preparation.


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