06 June 2004

in eugene:

+Rita Burrito at Saturday Market, amongst the hippies. if you ever wondered where they all went to, they're here! full force.
+Big bag of sweet snap-peas from the Farmers' Market which were so so so good. fresh! snappy! sweet! the Farmers' Market here is huge and there is so much variety.
+Tempeh grill (tempeh slab with cheese, veggies and bbq sauce) at the Glenwood, a cute little hippie-ish (surprise!) restaurant in eugene. with ann's friend superpower could be the ability to seperate shredded recycled materials.

this morning, crappy hotel restaurant food: canned pears and apricots (my favorite!), half a grapefruit, waffles with fake syrup and coffee with honey. and a lovely conversation with a woman from Bend, Oregon who is here to visit her hospitalized cousin.


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