02 July 2004

many days in and around california and not an earthquake to report. phew!

+thursday evening: a beer at the Lex to settle me after my midnight arrival at SFO

+friday morning: early coffee and lunch at dolores cafe before heading south to san luis (pronounced, as it turns out, "loo-ee", not "loo-eez") obsipo for a commitment ceremony. weeee!!!
+friday late afternoon: my first ever meal at In-Out Burger, the only fast food joint Eric Schlosser finds acceptable. simple menu, not a frozen burger or fry in the lot, lettuce hand-shredded every morning. i got a cheeseburger, fries and a diet coke. all entirely tasty. it's true what they say. oh! and quite a crowd, there, too.
+friday night: drinks with the soon-to-be wifies/wifeys in s.l.o. and a late-night ill-chosen sweetcream icecream with peanutbuttercups. ate about 1/4th of it before i could go no more.

+saturday morning: sourdough pancakes at the hostel which i found to be of questionable taste. they are the hostel's "special treat" but, really, they're just kinda weird. decent coffee, though.
+saturday afternoon: burrito by the river in s.l.o. followed by last-minute pre-wedding edamame, cucumber salad and california roll.
+saturday night: wedding reception buffet with the usual suspects and lots of clos du bois wine, thanks to the grape-growing father of a bride.

+sunday morning: sourdough pancakes in s.l.o., more suspect when drizzled with maple syrup.
+sunday noon: chile rellenos and horchata at a taqueria somewhere outside of san francisco. fantastic! so good! perfection!
+sunday night: giant potluck at deep dish in mendocino including too much to remember but enough to feed the first-time-in-four-years munchies...if you see what i'm sayin'

+monday late morning/noon: gosh. uh. huh. somethin' at deep dish (leftovers? eggs? toast?) and "breakfast burrito" at the campsite courtesy of iman. everything tastes better when its cooked over a fire, yes?
+monday evening: lentil soup, vegetable soup, garlic bread, tostadas

+tuesday morning: avocado tomato omelette with hash browns and coffee in mendocino. perfection!
+tuesday evening: pork taco from La Taqueria in san francisco, brimming with pork (of course), sour cream, beans, avocado, etc. sigh.

+wednesday very early morning: coffee
+wednesday very late night post-flight: mac and cheese with boca brats and tomatoes fer me and the airport picker-upper.

+thursday: co-op salad for lunch, cottage inn pizza for lunch. so back in ann arbor!

+friday today: madras masala buffet after wandering all over town looking for a place without a line.


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