24 June 2004

last night i decided last minute to go to caroline's to grill before my 9pm shift. nick and i had to stop on the way to get food and the only nearby place that was open was zingermans. for shame. such a loss! so i was forced to buy Niman Ranch Knockwurst at a price which was surprisingly cheaper than the online cost. hmmm....fascinating. at any rate, nick went with the wild boar sage sausage "made with meat from feral swine," which i guess sets it apart from the wild boar sausage made from domesticated pig. i, myself, would have gone with the rabbit and ginger sausage. yum!

writing about all of this meat reminds me of my trip to cabela's last week with a few of my carnivorous friends. i don't know how long a vegetarian would last in that place without passing out, what with moose heads adorning every wall and a giant dead stuffed animal diarama right in the middle of the store. i found it interesting that all of the animals in the diarama were either fighting, hunting or being hunted. what could it mean? might it have any connection to the cabela's t-shirt reading "it's great to be at the top of the food chain"? maybe, amidst all of that hunting and fishing gear, if you start feeling, oh, repulsed by the idea of killing something, you can look over to the diarama to remind yourself that every animal spends all their time hunting or being hunted, so you're just, you know part of the food chain, right? uh, yeah. but who am i? i eat meat...meat made from feral swine.


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