22 July 2004

it's good to have a fisher friend! last night, we reaped the rewards of e.'s successful Lake Huron fishing trip: a 15 lb. salmon! the fish was grilled up and topped with a grilled pineapple salsa. on the side were a green salad, a wheat-free pasta salad, tasty sliced grilled potato and potato chips. wow. so good! so fresh! we also, after a summer of crowding on the back porch, made it onto the front porch of the house, which is much roomier than the back porch. just dragged the grill out to the front. genius! too bad it took, oh, two months to figure out. sigh.

tomorrow a. and i embark on our backpacking trip with a friend from school and her boyfriend. they are responsible for our food and we are going to be dining in style. i was expecting pasta, summer sausage, oatmeal and instant coffee. but, nope, we're having shrimp and pesto pasta one night, chicken curry another night, pancakes in the morning, soup for lunch. fancy! we're livin' it up! oh yeah!


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