08 October 2004

i am a neglegent blogger and am only updating now because i've mentioned this thing to two people recently and feel obligated to put something up, should they journey here. i still have to post about my trip to chicago and to Green Zebra, the new upscale vegetarian restaurant there. i have the menu buried somewhere in the piles of unpacked, yet not put away materials that i will post eventually.

in the meantime, i just got back from a weekend trip to new york city where i had the most divine indian food at Bombay House, amidst screaming children and pounding top 40 music (including the "It's Getting Hot In Here" song twice in a row! what bliss!). really, the food was absolutely fantastic and puts Priya, eugene's best indian restaurant, to shame. but 2/3 of the restaurant was occupied by a large birthday party that had very non-supervised children running amok. one bumped in to me and for the rest of dinner, i couldn't get out of my head the vision of a young child slamming into me as i put a forkfull of food into my mouth, thus slamming the fork into the back of my throat. ew.

courtney also took me to an ethiopian place by her house. there are no ethiopian restaurants in eugene. probably because there are no ethiopians in eugene. it was a quite, sort of classy new york restaurant, and didn't have the feel of ethiopian diamond, the giant casual restaurant in chicago featuring the one man musical wonder, but it was quite tasty, especially after a long and failed evening trying to depart through laguardia. it's so delightful to see a huge piece of injera piled high with spinach, lentils, potatoes, carrots and cabbage coming my way. and we followed this with a late night glass of wine and split panna cotta at a lovely wine bar down the street. god i love new york.

other restaurants hit while in the city: Pink Teacup, a soul food restaurant in the (west?) village that featured the most phallic pork sausage i've ever laid eyes on. i had to cut it into slices rather than leaving it on my plate and these things tend not to phase me.

but now i'm back in eugene. i had the pleasure of dining at locomotive last night, eugene's best about-to-close vegetarian restaurant. it was eugene best vegetarian restaurant before it became about-to-close. my entree last night, though, was not the best i've had there. two poached eggs swimming in (as the server told us the recipe calls for) a "butt-load" of garlic and "two butt-loads" of tomatoes. whew. i'm safe from vampires for a good while. the peach plum cobbler with plum ice cream, however, was wonderful and i was happy that both emily and jane preferred the chocolate cake, since i pretty much had the cobbler to myself. i love to share, but i prefer to share when the other person loses interest in the shared item.


Blogger april joy said...

a. remember that indian place we ate at during ASB? with the big-ol' fish tank?
b. i can't wait to try locomotive!
c. remeber going to blue nile, and doing a crossword after dinner to pass time..? if i could only put in words how i felt that night..

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a food blog, what a good idea! I should start one. My lastest food story: I was at the hospital where I work and ordered a beef roast with lots of gravy and vegies. Then I asked what would happed to the old lamb shank, and could I please have it with all the meat cut off for my dog. The kind man obliged and I took great glee in boasting of this too my work mates. They were all high and mighty and said "Shouldn't give cooked bones to dogs, Dr Worth (some idiot radio vet) would not agree." So I said "Dr Hill [my dad] would agree, my dog has eaten all kinds of bones all her life and she is fourteen, and has execellent teath. A dog can die from bad teath you know."

Unfortunately I then forgot to take it home and the remains of the roast and the lamb bone are still in the fridge at work.

Sorry to post a long comment, but your food blog did seem to be heavily into vege food so I wanted to add some ballance. Plus no one reads my blog except my immediate family.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MMmmmmmmmmmm. plum ice-cream. Chocolate cake! Sounds like a great resteraunt. How much is a butt-load of something? I'm scared to ask. Still, though our lovers and dentists may complain, garlic can add a certain something to a dish.

re: children running amok. There is something to be said for privte dining rooms for large groups. Personally I tend to miss out on a lot of Indian cusine as I am so intolerant of hot spicy food. I try to improve but I'm not gettign very far.

"the most phallic pork sausage i've ever laid eyes on" Come on Liz, what other sort of sausage is there? Was the end shaped or what? On second thoughts, don't answer that one.

The Euthopian restaurant sounds yummy too. If ever I'm in New York I'll have to check it out. (Not in the near future).

Great to read your food blog. Who is that strange person who posted just about his/her stupid dog? Some people!


1:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, yeah...still waiting for that Green Zebra review you promised.


10:29 AM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

oh crap. i'll get in it! i promise!

12:25 PM  

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