03 August 2004

cook by numbers

a doctor recently ordered a friend of mine to gain four pounds...at least. being the good jewish mother in training that i am, i insisted on baking some lasagna for her--it's got lots of fat in it and it keeps forever. she took a. and me to whole foods to buy supplies and just a mere five hours later, we had ourselves three entire lasagnas: one w/turkey, one veggie with cheese and one 1/2 veggie and 1/2 vegan. i must say, i make a mean lasagna!! we went with high fat turkey and whole milk mozzerella for my needing-to-gain-wait friend. i was planning on making only two lasagnas, but i bought exactly the right amount to make three. this is what happens when you learn to cook in a co-op, when you're preparing food for 60+ people. i can cook for one or cook for 60; nothing in between.


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