30 July 2004

chicago eating

a year or so ago, a friend came to visit me in chicago and i made a list of restaurants to take her to. now that i'm preparing for a visit to chicago, i've gone back to the list and gotten several suggestions from friends about where to go. here are the new additions:

-Red Apple (polish all-you-can-eat)
-San Soo Gap San (Korean 24 hour joint)
-Al's, where my friend recently got a heaveny Italian beef sandwich...and my dad claims they have the best fries in Chicago
-Victorys Banner (vegetarian breakfast)
-Ethiopian Diamond
-Demon Dog
-the Phoenix for Dim Sum (is there a better place for it?)
-Margie's soda fountain
-Manny's deli (reuben and a phosphate)
-Soul Vegetarian, on the south side, which i have yet to get to
-Carol's, which is actually a bar
-Taste of Heaven (cake)--now on Clark
-Argyle (Double Happiness)
-Lula (good!)
-La Unica's little cafe (Cuban)
-Tamales at Maxwell Street
-Devon (Indian) (Udupi Palace in particular)
-Cafe Iberico (Tapas)
-Andie's for potato chops
-El Nandu for empanadas
-pizza (Pizza D.O.C., My Pie, Pete's, Due's, Genos?)
-Francesca's on Bryn Mawr
-sushi (Shiroi Hana)
-Schezuan Gardens for fake meat (Surf and Broadway in Lakeview)
-Alice and Friends (request to sit away from the t.v.)
-Middle East bakery on Foster b/t Clark and Ashland
-Wow Bao at Water Tower Place
-paletas by the handful (coconut and rice flavored)
-Mellow Yellow (1508 E. 53rd)
-river kwai-- on belmont & lincoln. a thai joint open only after 11pm with the largest portions.
-Greektown for spanakopita at the bakery and to the acropolis for soups and breads and coffee.
-a joint on kimball and lawrence for a korean open table bbq.
-el borinquen for jibaritos and puerto rican food.
-cafe colao for good baked quesitos.
-three r. for good filipino food on california & montrose or the fishpond on clark and montrose.
-el barco on ashland. for good shrimp empanadas and seafood.
-pizza metro on division and damen. also a nice four cheese artichoke ravioli.
-taylor st. italian ice on talyor & racine.. best ever.
-los comales at any of its fifty gazillion locations. for good mexican food.
-cafe bonbon on ashland and 18th for tres leches cake. i am serious. this is an outstanding cake.
-ragin cajun: hyde park on 53rd.
-dixie kitchen: hyde park.. good babycatfish, greens, and the BEST fried green tomatoes.
-"el nuevo mexicano" 2900 something clark. good margaritas and mole plaintain enchiladas.
-smoke daddy's on division and damen..motherfuckin' hot ass god bbq.
-roeser's bakery for homemade icecream on north and kimball.
-ps bangkok on clark, i think. not far from pickmeup. best sunday thai buffet.. pricey, yet extremely worth it.
-The Penguin for Argentine style ice cream
-Harold's Chicken Shack. yum.


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