18 August 2004

Chicago Day Three

yesterday i slept in, but what else is new. i eventually dragged myself out of bed, hopped into the car and headed into the city to meet my pops for lunch. i'd wanted to take him to chinatown for dimsum, but no such luck. instead, we ate at the Petra Cafe, which is his new and excited lunch spot, across from his office. i got the eggplant sandwich and it was grossly oversalted. i tried to dull it out a bit with the yogurt salad my dad got, but that was oversalted too! perhaps my dad is having some strange sodium craving--what nutrient is he lacking? but it was lucky, in a way, that i wasn't able to finish my nasty sandwich, because an hour later i was hungry and ready to head to Caminos De Michoacan, on Sheridan just off of Irving Park. VimandVigor and i shared a tasty chicken taco dinner. i was mostly craving the chips and salsa that come out before the meal, but those tacos were damn good...light tortillas, avocado, onion and perfectly spiced chicken. wow do i miss this food. and it's perfect post-drinking food, too, which i can say having had many many breakfasts there while hungover.

after tacos, i headed up north and, gasp!, had dinner at home! at first i fought it but by the time i sat down at the table, i was more than happy to have my mom's turkey sloppy joe roll-ups with whole wheat tortillas. kind of comforting in a way. in fact, i'm going to see if there are any leftovers right now...

...mmmmm, lucky me. but, ew, there was also some sort of large meat chop that had cut through the ziplock bag it was stored in and was in the process of drying out. gross.

anyways, yeah, turkey roll-up. strangely satisfying--even when cold and minus the roll-up.

after dinner, i went to don's and ate too many lime tortilla chips.

the end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give Petra Cafe another chance. I have been very happy with their daily specials.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been amazed with how great Petra Cafe is. You should try their chicken breast special, it is really tasty.

4:26 PM  

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