10 October 2004

well, my guest showed up and we had a lovely dinner of cauliflower, potato and chick-pea curry with basmati rice, accompanied by a lovely mesclun greens, carrot and sugar snap pea salad and tasty desserts (a "nutty pecan chewy" and a rasberry bar) from Sweet Life, eugene's extra special and awesome dessert place...almost really really close to being as good as Taste of Heaven.

today for lunch i had the, uh, tortilla casserole that i made yesterday afternoon. oh, but after assembling the monster (tortillas, salsa that i'd made a few weeks ago and was still kickin', broccoli, beans, cheddar cheese, onions) and throwing it in the oven at 350, i completely forgot that it was in there until about two hours later. mind you, i was in the kitchen the entire time, but i was distracted by my little photo project. yeah. i'm smart. since it had only just started to burn, i decided to keep it. heated some up in the toaster and made myself eat it. so much food, you know. shame to waste it. it wasn't too bad, although also not too good. but i promise, ms. a, that i won't make you eat nasty overcooked casserole.


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