09 December 2004


i now, as of an hour or so ago, have a strong wireless connection in my apartment. this means that:

1. i can blog and
2. i can blog while in bed

this is much nicer than trying to sneak in little entries while sitting at work, which no one probably cares about except me.

at any rate, i am just back from a lovely dinner at Locomotive, an upscale vegetarian restaurant which is tragically closing at the end of this month. why a perfectly wonderful, conveniently located (three blocks from my house) restaurant with a charming staff would choose to close is beyond me. my friend heather, when hearing of the news, literally burst into tears. someone should stop them. maybe it should be me.

this evening, i joined about 15 people, all sociology graduate students, for dinner. i had come from a hanukah party, where they were still working on latkes when i had left, so when i saw latkes on the Locomotive menu, i of course had to get them, despite the rather steep ($13) pricetag for a pile of deepfried shredded potatoes. as expected, though, the potato pancakes were fantastic, crispy and accompanied by a rasberry applesauce (chunky) and sour cream. i've discovered recently that i really enjoy eating my latkes with both applesauce and sour cream on them together. those who insist on choosing one or the other are close-minded dolts. with the latkes was served a carrot souffle which was much much better than it sounds. it was, actually, quite fantastic and i would've eaten an entire entrees worth if i'd had the chance. it was sweet and fluffy. for dessert, my end of the table ordered "Oregon Snow" (coconut lime sorbet), pumpkin ice cream, vanilla ice cream, twice-baked bosc pears, a walnut chocolate terrine in whipped vanilla sauce and a cranberry cobbler. the sorbet was much creamier than i'd expected and delicious with the cranberry cobbler. cranberries are ever so underappreciated. we must break the chains of the cranberry juice! the berry itself, unpressed, has so much to offer! when baked (in a cobbler, at least) it offers such a lovely tartness. it works so well with sugar!

anyways, yes, it was good! but not as good as green zebra! that was much fancier and good in that nouveau fusion blah-blah-blah kind of way. i'll just say for now that many dishes featured foam.


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