04 August 2005

yesterday we went to cedars with lesli and sarah. they both got turkish coffee and after finishing their tasty beverages, the owner of the restaurant came over to read the grounds. lesli is or was or will be chased by someone who is wielding a large item. you can see, if you look closely (and squint a bit) an image of someone holding something over his/her head and chasing someone else, who is running away.

sarah, on the other hand, will be attending a wedding. she will receive a package. or has received one.

april and i had no coffee. so nothing will happen to us. despite this, we had a tasty meal. we split the maza plate (the combo featuring baba ghanoush, humus, stuffed grape leaves, a chicken kabob, falafel and tabouleh) and a kafta kabob. for dessert we had an amazing piece of knafee, which is essentially hot fried cheese and syrup. as you can guess, anything cheesy, fried and drenched in sweetness is bound to be pretty fantastic. i was a bit skeptical before trying it (though not enough to order something else) but wow, was it good! the knafee, with april doing the honors of taking the first bite, is pictured. notice it's massive size. i look forward to returning to cedars for a late night turkish coffee and knafee.


Blogger Sara said...

Wow...that cheese looks and sounds really good. And, I'm sure it's totally good for you too.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

that cheese is probably the healthiest thing you could ever eat. if you were stranded on a desert island, the fat in that cheese could carry you thru any length of time. that makes it healthy, right?

3:24 PM  

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