25 July 2005

pineapple in emerald wreath

am currently attempting first jell-o creation to take to jon's. a lovely dessert to follow sea scallops, dontcha think? anyways, the dinner is in two hours, so the jello just went into the freezer to speed partial set it before putting in the pineapple rings and grapes. i did a little research and learned that using ice cubes instead of cold water is also an effective speed set method, but i don't believe my hundred year-old freezer could ever freeze water cold enough to make it into a solid cube. hopefully it will get that jello to a consistency where i can suspend the pineapple.

results will be reported. i hope it works. i hate the idea of having to try again and again to make jello...that's a lot of jello to consume between now and august 13th.

in the meantime, check out this beauty from the kraft website. it's entirely edible. the chairs are made of chewing gum sticks. gross.

can you imagine being the person whose job is to come up with this crazy stuff? it's even more intense than the adult babyfood testers at gerber.


Blogger megwoo said...

This is so funny. The chairs made out of gum are hilarious!!!

Wow. I'm getting all kinds of ideas for my "Does My Blog Look Tacky in This?" entry!!

12:47 PM  

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