06 June 2005

bacon-wrapped influence

as i was leaving work today, i ran into the Documents Librarian at the bike rack. well, he was biking away. but he stopped. and waited for me. and when i got to him he said:

"I know what you're doing this evening!"

and i said: "What?"

and he said: "You're wrapping something in bacon!"

ah, how quickly good news travels in these parts. so, i wasn't planning on bacon-wrapping anything but once the seed was planted in my brain, i figured i'd let it sprout. tom recommended wrapping pears in bacon, which is a fantastic idea that i plan to implement but for some reason banana popped into my head. and so, baking in the oven at 400 degrees right now is bacon wrapped banana stuffed with ginger feta. report to follow.


Blogger Mollenkamp said...

Mmmm, bacon good.

7:35 PM  

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