29 May 2005

deepfry, i am your medium-sized soft drink

the other night, at the theater for star wars with a. and some friends, we ordered a large popcorn and a medium diet coke. the guy behind the counter handed over a bucket of popcorn the size of those three-flavored popcorn cans they always have at raffles. you know. the caramel, cheese and buttered flavored popcorn, neatly divided, the metal container decorated with teddy bears or santa claus. the medium diet coke looked like one of those three liter jugs of soda. "Oh no," I said, "I'm sorry. I said medium. I just need a medium." the guy at the counter looked at me with confusion. "This is the medium. It's 40 ounces. The large is 60 ounces."

Okay, 60 ounces of soda? that's FIVE cans! what normal person can drink FIVE cans of soda in a two and a half hour period without having to get up and pee at the very end, thus missing the climax of a movie? since it was there, i drank all 40 ounces (that's more than three cans!) of my drink and had to sprint to the bathroom as soon as the credits started rolling. we also got through the entire container of popcorn probably providing me with 30x my daily recommended allowance of sodium.

are we such greedy pigs that a mere twenty ounce cup of soda can't get a person through a movie?

sigh. it's disgusting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Deepfry, Deepfry, Deepfry...I am so disappointed in you. Have you been living in a cave? Hiding under your bed? You have lost track of the zeitgeist if you are unaware that it's all about supersizing in America today.

5:15 PM  

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