24 May 2005

san fran2

back to san francisco this past weekend. my primary motivation was, and i say it with pride, an Erasure concert. but the concert and the very exciting Tower Records signing only took up so much time. and what does a girl do when she finds herself in san francisco with some time on her hands? well, let's see.

day one after the signing, my high school buddy and i stopped for a quick bite at a taqueria in the mission. after the tofu taco and nachos, we met up with the san francisco branch of the chicago family for a beer at Zeitgeist. we went with a beer that a stranger recommended because "dude, it totally tastes like pot!" or not but it was still nice. zeitgeist was, late afternoon on a beautiful saturday, hipster central. it was stuffed to the gills with beautiful men and women, sporting bike messenger chic of studded belts, cut off pants, tiny tshirts and greasy hair. we barely managed to find a space big enough for the five of us to squeeze ourselves into on the back patio, just up the ramp on the path kegs took from storage to bar. after zeitgeist, we lost one of our members and the rest of us headed to Bissap Baobob for Senagalese food, which was fantastic, despite very, uh, relaxed service. after dinner, high school buddy and i did some breathing exercises and then proceeded to Mitchells for ice cream. i got coconut and avocado; sue got toasted almond and caramel crackel. the coconut was delicious; avocado was sort of tasteless. caramel crackel was nothing special and the toasted almond tasted very distinctly of flea collar. flea collar.

day two was Concert Day. we woke up early, grabbed coffee and snacks and ate breakfast sitting up top of Dolores Park, watching the dogs play. we moved immediately on to the Polish Festival for pierogi, kielbasa, cabbage stuff, stuffed cabbage and rye bread all served with horseradish. sue embraced her polish roots and bought some candy of the kind her grandmother used to feed her -- something you have to grow up eating to appreciate, if i may say so. after polish festival, we zipped over to northbeach for some tiramisu from a place i went to six years ago. it was still fantastic as was my macchiato. finishing the tiramisu, we walked down to Chinatown for a steamed pork bun, and then back into northbeach for gelato (chocolate peanut butter and chococlate something else). we then took a brief break from eating, going down to sit on the beach and then hopped back in to car and drove to the concert venue neighborhood where we got a quick dinner at Herbivore. my papaya salad was okay--too much, though. and then came the concert and i danced.

day three i met with kyle at bugaloo where we both got the desayuno tipico and coffee. poached eggs, plantain cake, black beans and corn tortillas. perfection.

so wonderful. god, i love that city.

oh, except the 360 degrees Gourmet Burrito fast food stand in the airport. i DO NOT like that restaurant. i found a latex glove fingertip in my burrito! no joke! i thought i'd stumbled upon some weird piece of meet but it was a rubber glove!!!

the end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were as close as Mitchell's and you didn't go to Pakwan on 16th?

3:48 AM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

oooh, it looks good. shoot! well, i'll have to go next time. one can only reasonably eat so much food in a given period of time and i was pushing it.

9:45 AM  
Blogger cindym said...

wait! i'm confused. i always thought you didn't like SF ...has the tide turned now that you have seen the gastronomic delights it has to offer?

7:11 PM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

no, no. it's that i wouldn't want to live in san francisco. actually, i think it's pretty cool. especially because of the gastronomical delights it has to offer.

2:58 PM  

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