18 April 2005


yesterday, i met doug and alexa for lunch at Studio One, a lovely little brunch place with fantastic cripsy homefries (the cubed kind but probably deepfried). i was waiting outside for a table, surrounded by hungover undergrads. a small group to my left were all quietly sipping on 1/2 liter bottles of gatorade. in the group, one unshaven, scraggly-haired boy in an inside-out sweatshirt with a baseball cap pulled low over his eyes, looked particularly worse for wear. his friends were having a heated, if slow and low energy, debate on the merits of the Studio One french toast versus the omelet. "Duuuuuuuuuuude," the kid mumbled to his friends, "just the thought of eating..."and he trailed off. he then leaned back over the bench he was sitting on and loudly puked on the sidewalk. he sat back up, a new man, wiped off his mouth and declared, "Duuuuuuuude," with great enthusiasm, "I feel so much better now! Duuuuude, i just burst like a blueberry, man. A blueberry!"

yeah. i just adore living in a college town sometimes.

i will say though, that despite this unpleasant situation, i did have a lovely lunch. i had a good 1/2 hr to get over the puking thing, so i was fully recovered and able to enjoy my homefries (extra crispy), poached eggs and toast. and i enjoyed the company of my lovely midwestern friends. those midwesterns sure are friendly!


Blogger Suebob said...

Funny. I used to live in a college town (San Luis Obispo, home to Cal Poly) too, and I have my share of gross stories. I will spare you.

I will always remember the time that we were awakened by the sounds of a bouncer pinning some drunken bar-tab skipper down in our garden...we lived a block from the bars, and chase had been given.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Extramsg said...

And people say I missed out by being a non-drinker in college....

10:43 AM  

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