17 March 2005

hungry hungry

meh. just had a post erased when another page insisted on opening in this window. drat!

so, let's see, then. i went on a bike ride this morning (at 6am!!) and am starving hungry. starving! thinking of sushi for lunch for a good dose of protein. perhaps not the most filling option, but sounds good. frankly, would eat the computer if i knew that it had protein in it. i'm thinking no, though it's clearly full of vitamins and minerals. well, minerals at least.

otherwise, not much on the food front except a trip to Sweetlife for a brownie sundae with coconut and chocolate fudge gelato. eating double fudge brownie with warm fudge sauce and chocolate fudget gelato is a bit like eating a chocolate cake that is simultaneously raw, cooked and frozen. it was delightful. entirely impossible to finish, but my friend was more than happy to step up to the plate -- and what a good friend to make such a sacrifice. and it was good that i didn't finish it, as i was phlegmy enough this morning having only eaten a small amount of dairy goodness last night (is this too much information? perhaps.).

at any rate, things are looking up for me, as cindy is coming to town this weekend. plans are not final, but i'm thinking:
  • Sweetlife (sometimes i think i have people visit me only so that i have an excuse to go to Sweetlife)
  • Marche only for oysters
  • Morning Glory (which despite being something of a culinary disappointment 50% of the time, is so warm, cozy and friendly)
  • the new Mexican grocery store on 11th that has a wee cafe in the front
  • maybe fish 'n chips somewhere. you know, seafood and all being near the coast
and i don't know. any other ideas? anyone? anyone? bueller?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey...go to Newman's for fish and chips. Go for the Halibut.


3:10 PM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

i'd best eat an order in your honor, as well as my own, eh?

3:21 PM  
Anonymous ExtraMSG said...

Emily beat me to it! Newman's is a must.

There's also Aiyara, Priya, and Lupita's for ethnic, if you're so inclined.

Take some pictures of the tienda!

8:17 PM  
Blogger cindym said...

i have now eaten three candy bars today. i would like to say that i am stretching my stomach out in preparation for our weekend together, but really it's just because i am a giant, PMS-ing pig.

see you tomorrow!
Luv, Cindy

12:03 AM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

hey, extramsg, what are Aiyara and Priya? i haven't heard of 'em. lupita's, though, i've seen. and i've been meaning to get there. hmm....

9:51 AM  
Anonymous ExtraMSG said...

Aiyara is a Thai restaurant in Gateway area. It's just a little place. Prices are cheap, same for both dinner and lunch. She does a lot of Northern Thai specialties, like khao soi (Chiang Mai noodles).

Priya is an Indian restaurant over in the Santa Clara area near that Office Max. Best Indian in Eugene by far, and I think it would be the second best Indian in Portland.

Lupita's makes some pretty good tacos. I haven't had any better true taqueria food in Eugene yet.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

hey, we went to lupita's and it was great!!! i went back for seconds.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

I grew up in Eugene and now live in Chicago but there are certain things in Eugene I miss, miss, miss. My #1 MUST EAT in Eugene when I am there, is huevos rancheros at Cafe Siena on 13th near the U of O. My #2 is the chicken salad sandwiches at Cornucopia Market on 17th. #3 and not just because I used to work there while I was in college, though it's been 6 years now, is Marche Cafe for quiche lorraine or Grandmere omelet for breakfast. #4 is Chef's Kitchen which is waaay South but I can't remember if it is on E or W Amazon. #5 is Mazzi's which is also in that neighborhood for the soup, salad w/ house dressing & fresh baked rolls. Just heavenly. #6 is BLTs when my parents tomato garden is popping off in the late summer but they don't take reservations!

I've tried some of your Chicago recommendations and have been impressed. I just moved here from Portland about 3 months ago and can't remember how I stumbled upon your list of recommendations, but it has helped! I live in Lincoln Square and there are some great places in my neighborhood!

5:39 PM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

robin, i'm glad you found my recommendations to be useful. and thanks for the awesome list! most of those are new to me.

9:49 AM  

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