07 March 2005

tonight at the grocery store, the guy in line in front of me purchased:
  • six pack of beer
  • a marble cheesecake
  • coffee
you know someone's going to have a good night...and a good morning. oh yeah.

i meanwhile, am waiting for my thin mint chocolate cheesecake to finish cooking. in a moment of irrational sugarlove, i bought four boxes of girl scout cookies. if i, say, had roommates, four boxes would be reasonable but i live alone. so i used a box of thin mints for the cheesecake crust. in a moment, i'm going to make some ganache to pour over the top. i bought what they would call a "shit ton" of chocolate from the bulk section of the store but decided on my way home to stop at the gourmet food shop and buy some fancy chocolate for the ganache. with just cream and chocolate, it should have the good 70% stuff in it. perfect for tomorrow night's potluck...hopefully it won't kill anyone. it might be a bit rich.


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