30 March 2005


am currently enjoying a divinely simple lunch on my afternoon off of work. corn tortillas with black beans, chicken, sauteed green peppers and onion, and an avocado. each item occupies it's own bowl and i assemble as i go. the whole thing took about ten minutes to prepare (sautee the peppers and onions, empty pan, reuse for chicken, empty, reuse for beans) and everything is spiced just right. although cooking elaborate meals is good fun and quite rewarding (when they work), those basic throw-together lunches and dinners, made entirely in one pan, feel so wholesome and tasty. ahhh..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Deep Fry-Have you tried California Rice Oil for Deep Frying-smoke point 490 degrees!!! I also lowered my cholesterol with Rice Oil, Flaxseed Oil and NO trans fats-but I'm no saint.

3:34 PM  

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