15 May 2005

i have this, well, irritated tastebud on the tip of my tongue. as a result, i have a constant tartness in my mouth. it's strange yet not unpleasant. i wish i could mix it up a bit, though. say, today i'd like a subtle spiciness in my mouth; tomorrow, maybe the slightest hint of chocolate. i mean, of course, there are breathmints and, well, food, but how convenient if it was all produced internally. it would be like halitosis--but good!

that said, things have been very exciting around here. now that a.'s here and not yet started work, i have a little wifey to cook me dinner and bake me pie. i just finished up the last piece of a very tasty strawberry rhubarb pie. i also enjoyed a fabulous mahi mahi dinner, and a whole range of tasty vittles. and there are four stalks of the stuff waiting for round two. in return, i unpacked the apartment and assembled her bicycle. i think it's a fair trade.hopefully she does, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh-huh. And you'd control this by spelling out the flavor you want in morse code, by tapping your tongue against your teeth?

What, you hadn't gotten so far as thinking about implementation yet?

8:13 PM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

ah, morse code. genius.

today: .--. ..- .-.. .-.. . -.. -.. --- .-. -.-

11:11 AM  

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