05 December 2005

cabbage soup

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tonight i made Abby Mandel's Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup (with tempeh instead of sausage). some may argue that for one person to consume this entire pot of soup (over the course of a week probably) is highly problematic in that deep cleansing kind of way. but i tell ya, i'm obsessed with the stuff. it's so so good! yes, most people with whom i discussed my plans of cabbage soup dinner either sneered, scoffed or stomped away but i see this as nothing more than an anti-midwest bias. this hearty eastern european-influenced midwestern cuisine (it is, after all, from Mandel's excellent "Celebrating the Midwestern Table") is healthy, filling and a cinch to make. Dice an onion, a carrot, a head of cabbage, add some stock, some stewed tomatoes, a few spices and cook on the stovetop for 1/2 an hour. in the meantime, read the paper, work on a final exam (ahem), catch a rerun of seinfeld, pick your nails, make dessert, whatever. it's perfect!


Blogger jammies said...

i neither sneered nor scoffed! i said, "ooh! cabbage soup! what's in it besides cabbage? sounds good!"

i did then stomp, but that's because it was my turn to tap dance to 'pennies from heaven.' no relation to the cabbage soup.

8:57 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

Cabbage and Midwestern always make me think of bierocks. Mmm....

12:15 PM  

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