15 August 2005

a swell evening

snowy chicken confetti salad
Originally uploaded by deepfry.
this weekend's party was a success! our friends far exceeded my expectations, which were already pretty high. below are the contributions of the house; you can see what our guests brought here. everything was beautiful, if not entirely edible. and everyone was very nice about the fact that it was so hot in the apartment that the sandwich loaf started to sag. the hosts of the party contributed:
snowy chicken confetti salad(shown above), of which 1/4 was eaten

assorted pickles and cheese

pineapple punch

ambrosia salad

lavender sandwich loaf

crackers and cheese with olives and weenies

snowy rainbow jello

the hosts were impressed by every other dish, especially the meat tower, which was left practically untouched, but enjoyed nonetheless. it was a spectacle to behold. the creative use of ritz crackers was also noted. and we might actually consider making the meat casserole on a cold winter night.

megwoo at iheartbacon.com also put together quite a, um, feast (for the eyes, if not the belly, in some cases.)


Blogger megwoo said...

Holy crap! You guys went ALL OUT. That meat tower is HILARIOUS! I wish I had made more thing with Ritz crackers--and skipped the Jell-O. Those pictures are so great. The grainy effect is perfect.

I'm not going to be able to stop thinking about the tower of meat...

3:34 PM  
Anonymous joey said...

Whoa! Behold the meat tower! Looks like a truly "swell" night...Perfect! My friends like to hold random theme/costume parties so I definitely enjoy occasions like this :-)

5:02 PM  

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