11 August 2005

last night, we had an incredibly virtuous dinner followed by a profoundly unvirtuous dessert:

dinner: poached salmon, steamed broccoli and brown rice, all covered in soy-sesame-ginger sauce. i was just back from a bike ride (and how lovely it is to come home from a workout with dinner just about ready) and this was a perfect protein-full but light dinner.

dessert: beer and zingerman's chocolate-cherry bread, toasted. and, for some but not me, a cigarette. my parents got april a bread-of-the-month club membership for graduation and yesterday the final package arrived: chocolate-cherry bread and farm bread. honestly, you haven't had bread until you've had zingerman's bread. i'm not a cherry-in-things person (i prefer them on their own, unadulterated by other ingredients) but this bread, especially when toasted, makes me weepy. the bread seems to be sourdough mixed with dutch cocoa and is full of dried cherries and chocolate chunks. it's thick and crusty. and combination of crunchy warm bread, tart cherries and melted chocolate. ahhh...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh this is why i weep for mondragon.
all that free chocolate cherry bread!


6:08 PM  

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