21 August 2005


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tonight for dinner, a and i had chicken sausage with mustard, mine with sauerkraut and a side of pickles. oh, and a charming glass of beaujolais-villages. this is what happens when you go for a long bike ride, stop at your friend's house and unexpectedly get fed delicious homemade gazpacho and blueberry peach pie but come home to a somewhat empty kitchen craving protein. you work with what you got, which does not include buns. or fresh vegetables. but does inexplicable include large quantities of pickled foods.

its meals like these that lead to major gaps in my foodblog. i mean, it's a bit embarrassing, isn't it? and i didn't even include here a picture of our appetizer, ritz crackers with easy cheez, left over from our 50s party. and i'm only mentioning now the sugarless neopolitan ice cream because i feel somewhat obligated to do so.

because everyone is always cooking these amazing meals and i'm eating crackers with tomato sauce from a jar for dinner. sigh.


Blogger cindym said...

tell me about it! there's nothing that will make you feel more like a jerk than making dinner out of stale bread and vinegary wine when you live in paris...i feel so much PRESSURE to eat well. haha.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

i know. i'd better not see you posting about the soggy tomato and cheese baguette you grabbed on the way home from classes or anything like that. i expect only tales of exquisite pastries, rich meals, etc.

1:37 PM  
Blogger megwoo said...

That's so funny. I have random meals like that all the time. Except they usually include bacon.

You should have deep-fried your pickle!

10:45 PM  
Blogger VFML, inc said...

I did a search for lard bread and your blog came up. you posted something back in january.
lard bread!
oh, precious lard bread! mazzoula's special italian bread with provolone, chopped pepperoni and pepper mixed in, coated (we think) with lard to produce a crispy croissant-like crust. and this available just feet from our borrowed cobble hill apartment. we have one loaf left, sitting in my freezer. if you are ever in new york city--no, if you are ever on the east coast and you eat the meat, get yourself to union street in cobble hill, brooklyn for lard bread and i promise with all my heart you won't be disappointed. nothing is more heavenly than lard bread.

posted by Deepfry @ 15:32
heheh, i may make lard bread available online. What is your email? I will let you know and send you the site.

Vincent Furey, brooklyn new york

2:13 AM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

vincent, what do you mean "make it avaliable online"? the recipe??

8:38 AM  

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