11 January 2006

homemade candy!

candy from anna!
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cindy graciously asked me to participate in Wellfed.net, a new foodblog network. from this point on, you may refer to me as the candy librarian! a simple email message to the candy librarian and all of your candy mysteries will be solved!

yes, i gave up sugar for a year but that was ages ago and i think it makes me a better sugar consumer.

and look, i've already gotten some perks!* writing about the history of candy canes, i referred to a brilliant video clip of anna's dad and granddad making pulled sugar candy from scratch! anna was nice enough to send me a real live sample, featured here. who needs crack when you have a tin of assorted pure sugar (plus a hint of flavoring) homemade candies? these candies are soft, like after dinner mints, not hard like rock candy. in fact, as i type, the unflavored piece is literally crumbling and melting in my mouth. it's divine. the sugar is sweet, yes, as it's the only ingredient, yet it is somehow subtle and soft. i can't explain it. all i can say is that if i eat one more piece tonight (this is piece number two), i might be too blitzed out on sugar to make it to my bed.

*payola encouraged! will write up any topic of interest in exchange for candy!**

notes on notes:
**per the request of my editor, i would like to clarify that i am not really at all accepting any form of bribes, be they cash, candy or all-expenses paid golfing trips to scotland.


Anonymous april said...

there's a certain candy freak in bend who might like some homemade candy sent via UPS Overnight to her little house..

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Ivonne said...

Congratulations! I now realize that I have seriosuly neglected the candy food group of late. I must remedy this in 2006!

7:35 PM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

it's always important to establish very serious, life-changing new years resolutions and i think you've found yours!

7:38 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

The "unflavored piece" is probably vanilla. The one with the dark flecks is black walnut. Orange = orange, yellow = lemon, red/pink & white = cinamon, green & white = mint, brown = chocolate, tan = maple, and I've forgotten if there are others.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

Oh! The yellow and white mottled one is piƱa colada. That's a new one this year.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Zahrala said...

That's so awesome that you are the Candy Librarian! I can't wait to tell everyone that I know you :)

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Except that, you know, your snarky comment about Spanish nuns and sweetened chocolate perpetuates a myth. In fact, the Aztecs did sometimes sweeten their chocolate with honey...at least according to Coe & Coe.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous joey said...

Candy Librarian! How cool is that? :) You lucky thing...is there an opening for a bacon librarian? :)

3:42 AM  

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