24 February 2009

birthday cake!

birthday cake!
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today's my birthday and when i arrived at school, my friends were waiting for me with a box of delicious swedish pastries (and a cup of coffee). i have great friends! the pastry pictured is some sort of coconut cinnamon roll thingy. it was deee-licious and much more exciting than my usual breakfast of yogurt. and i have two more pastries waiting for me in a little pastry box in my locker. score!

it was, unless i'm forgetting, my first pastry from the Swedish Bakery, which is up in Andersonville. i've gone by that place a hundred times but i've either resisted or (more likely) been on my way to somewhere else to get food. i went in there once but was frankly totally overwhelmed by my options (i'm a pisces -- i'm very indecisive). it was much nicer having someone make my selection(s) for me.


Blogger Barbara said...

have you ever eaten at tre kroner - on foster - i grew up a mile from there and have never eaten there - it's supposed to be pretty good

5:20 AM  

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