09 March 2009

i'm makin' soup

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we have leftovers from last night's dinner: a delicious, thick, rich tomato sauce that R made. what could be better than using it to make a delicious (i hope) minestrone-style soup? i've got everything prepped and ready to go -- i'm just waiting for R's arrival with white beans and those little tubes of pasta allegedly called canneroni (what do i know? i'm jewish! the only pasta i know by name is noodle kugel!).

i am a big fan of soup especially in winter. it's super easy and fills the house with warmth and a pleasant aroma. and i did i mention it's easy? because if i am one thing, i am a lazy cook. granted, i'll be inspired to spend all day in the kitchen for a special occassion (this amazingness is in my future -- just looking at it makes me want to swoon.) but when i'm just making a weekday dinner, i can hardly be bothered to cut an onion -- and it's gotten even worse now that i'm in school. if it wasn't for R and his love of cooking, i'd certainly be eating popcorn, tuna salad on crackers (or soup) for every meal. if only he could do my homework for me too. alas.

but i'm excited about tonight. i hope it's good! report to follow.

REPORT: The soup was, in fact, delicious. Sadly, I have no photographic evidence (oops!), but here it is: minestrone with meatballs, white beans and casarecci (http://www.recipetips.com/glossary-term/t--35357/casarecci-pasta.asp). The homemade broth and tomato sauce gave the soup a rich, full flavor. We had a salad with lemon vinaigrette on the side. No parm for the soup, but it was so rich, that I think it was just fine without. A perfect winter meal! And not a bad performance, given that I haven't cooked a full meal in months. I'm glad I still got it in me.


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