31 December 2002

after work i am going to one of my favorite cafes with some of my favorite people. i haven't had lunch, just a small apple around noon, and am starving. i hope they have guacamole which is absolutely the best! and tonight to celebrate the closure of a palindrome year (next one is 2112), i'm going to sara and jose's house which always proves to be an excellent place for amazing food.

since everyone seems to be keen on these top ten lists at the end of the year, here's a list of some of my favorite food times of 2002, most recent because, well, my memory ain't that sharp:

-chicken tacos on isla mujeres
-any and all potlucks at 4050
-lunch with dad, dinner with mom
-that sushi place on west randolph
-raw food in new york with courtney
-fish tacos at a shell station
-ethiopian diamond after yoga
-soup made by roommates
-shots at jackhammer
-jelly belly factory

and we'll end it at 11 because thats also a palindrome. it has, in reflection, been a good year for food. and i appreciate all who have dined and cooked with me.


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