28 February 2003

i used to have a widely varied diet. now all i eat are walgreens brand honey lemon tea throat lozenges and water. its not too bad. i mean, i figure i get my fruit from the lemon, my greens from the tea and my carbs from the honey. that's all i need, right? i do prefer the british (or european? i don't know) version of the honey lemon tea lozenge that has a wee bit of real honey in the center. it's such a happy little surprise that almost makes the cold that has taken over my body worthwhile. but, alas, i've searched high and low (in the walgreens cold and sinus aisle) and found not a single honey-centered lozenge. what is it with americans? do we not appreciate the finer things in life? had i known of the sad, sad lack of honey-centered cough drops, i would have brought back a suitcase of 'em from london. oh well.

tonight, since elon and i are both sick, i'm planning to make a big vat of soup for the both of us to eat while watching a really horrible movie (movie yet to be determined). there is a pretty high possibility that it will just be me, the soup and the movie, but i can live with that. i haven't decided, though, what kind of soup to make. i'd like chicken soup but don't have the time. i think something very brothy and with minimal dairy is the best. ooh, maybe i'll make some cabbage soup which is just fantastic especially because it is just so easy to make. and the sourdough bread which i'll make tomorrow will be so good with it as leftovers tomorrow night.

but, for now i'll have another honey lemon tea lozenge. oh yeah.


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