17 January 2003

a few days ago i remembered that it was winter and that i should be making and eating soup and so, with no future plans to actually do so, i bought a bag of lentils and a bag of split peas. it was, in fact, a night that i had two batches of canned veggie broth with egg noodles for dinner.

last night, however, when magda and i decided to get together to watch la grande bouffe, i figured i'd whip up some soup. and so, while watching a movie about men eating themselves to death, we dined on split pea soup, biscuits and, finally, coconut lemon bars. i must say that there's something rather unique about eating dinner while watching a bunch of men gorge themselves on gourmet food...i'm convinced that i ate a lot more last night than i would have if i hadn't been watching that movie. and this morning when i woke up i did feel a bit, er, off as if i had spent the night trying to eat myself to death. strange.

and, it should be said that this past tuesday i had a delightful meal at san soo gab san, a 24-hour korean restaurant on western. the waitresses are mean, the air is smokey and the orders often times come out wrong. i love it. regardless of what you order, you also receive a dizzying array of sides ranging from kimchee to rehydrated fish strips to, oddly, steamed broccoli. magda and i ordered dol sot bibimbop, served in a hot stone bowl that continues to cook the rice thus making the outer bits crispy and good; we ordered something and got instead stirfry noodles and we ordered fried dumplings. we only had to ask for our tea twice before it came. the man sitting on the other side of a divider kept leaning over to stare at us. it was really quite fantastic.


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