10 January 2003

i wish i could post an update on this blog but i have had absolutely no inspiring food experiences since i engaged in the culinary equivalent of hitting myself over the head with a sledgehammer: ramen. that was on tuesday. on wednesday i had (two week) leftover broccoli chowmein for lunch (attesting to the high amounts of msg) and pasta mixed with mozzarella, tomatoes and tapenade for dinner (not bad, really, for a last minute thrown together thing). thursday lunch was a fabu chopped salad because, you know, chopped salads are all the rage and dinner was, er, uh, a cup of peppermint tea (at 10pm after accupuncture...it was all i could take). today's lunch is the rest of the chowmein. dinner at the folk's house.

wow. and that is exciting.


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