22 January 2003

Happy National Popcorn Day!

bwuah. manny's for lunch today, this time accompanied by my father, always an enthusiast when it comes to grease bomb food. I got the highly vegetarian ruben, a bowl of kreplach soup, a potato pancake and a chocolate phosphate. my dad got a meat and potato knish, a corned beef and swiss sandwich, two potato pancakes and a chocolate phosphate. oh, the love i felt for my father as we both sipped from our chocolate phosphates, and leaned over our plates, piled high with corned beef, cheese and fried potatoes. there's really nothing quite like lunch at manny's to bring together a father and daughter. while working our way thru rubens and knishes, we talked about the probability (quite high) that my father came to manny's with his father once upon a time. and perhaps one day i will bring my child here for a delightfully artery-clogging meal.

i should note, however, that my father did not finish everything he ordered which is unheard of. scandalous! shocking! he gave me his leftovers so i could eat them for lunch tomorrow and, well, i already ate them. today. an hour ago. half of a corned beef sandwich. mind you, not just a normal 1/2 sandwich but a manny's 1/2 sandwich which is equal to one and a half normal sandwiches. its a towering mass of thin sliced corned beef smeared with mustard and delicately topped with a single slice of swiss cheese.

can you believe that there are people who eat there every day?? EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! okay, not to my knowledge, but i think its a safe bet.

tonight for dinner? popcorn, of course.


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