24 December 2004

christmas for the jews

i am just back from a frantic trip to the grocery store, where i spent far too much money buying much to much food to tide my brother and me over the christmas weekend lull. it occurred to me earlier today that i've never been out here for the holidays and i have no idea if anything at all is open on december 25th. combined with my insistence, of late, on relying solely on the contents of my cubbard rather than buying groceries, i was pretty much clean out of food that is acceptable to serve to guests. so off to Trader Joe's and Alberton's i went. in order to impress my brother, i realized that i had to get normal person food, like cereal, eggs and juice. plus some cheese, crackers, stuff to make chicken tacos, chips with salsa and guacamole, soy milk and a bag of chocolate chips in case we're inspired to make cookies. d'you think that's enough for two days of eating? we are, mind you, eating out tomorrow night (thank god the fancy vegetarian restaurant in town is owned by jews!).

i also have 1/2 a fake meat lasagna, made last night and eaten for last night's dinner, today's lunch and today's dinner. kale was cheaper than spinach so i went with that, steamed, of course, before adding to the ricotta. it tastes just the same as far as i can tell. and then a tube of that weird fake soy sausage stuff, grilled up and chopped into "ground beef," sorta. with cheese, lasagna and a jar of tomato sauce -- not the usual cornocopia of fresh veggies, but since i can't even spell cornocopia, i don't really think that i should use it in my lasagna. it is pretty tasty, if i may say so. simple, but good. and toasts up nice. plus the cat seems to like it.

well, that's it for a relatively boring post. hopefully i'll get my brother to stop at sweetlife on the way home from the airport. geez. hopefully sweetlife is open.


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