17 December 2004

the accidental dinner

i am eating dinner right now (thank you wireless internet!!) and it is, much to my surprise, quite tasty. i have been attempting to eat the contents of my kitchen, rather than grocery shopping all the time and laying certain items to waste. so tonight i got home from the gym and opened up my cupboards (and fridge) to see what i had. i am now dining on:

  • edamame, once frozen now boiled
  • this concoction that is pure brilliance, as it turns out: canned tuna mixed with nayonaisse and chopped hot pickled peppers, wrapped in a heated corn tortilla. i thought it was going to be kind of nasty, but i'm liking it. a lot. enough to make again. go me!
  • oh yeah, and i had some plain yogurt mixed with honey as an appetizer which would have been awesome but the honey had crystalized. still very doable.

so, go me! i have been creative and i have succeeded!


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