16 December 2004


breakfast: coffee. well-rounded and nutritious!

lunch: leftover beans and rice with a wee bit of cornbread.

mid-day snack: vegan and pineapple "cheesecake", clam dip with crackers, some sort of red and creamy harry and david dip with said crackers, all courtesy of the administrative office folks who are on this holiday cooking binge -- which i strongly support.

dinner: sushi from sushi station with jon, lydia and kelly. i got the chirashi sushi which apparently means "scattered sushi." funny, i always assumed that chirashi meant bowl, meaning that i'd been ordering "bowl bowl" for years. this is somewhat akin to maki rolls: "roll rolls." jon actually reads this blog. maybe lydia does, too. hi jon and lydia! we discussed my original intention with this blog, to record all of my meals, snacks, sips and bites, which clearly didn't happen. what happened, i think, besides general laziness and also some guilt associated with blogging at work (this was at my old job -- i never engage in non-work related work now when i'm at my new job), is that i was sort of embarrassed and a bit horrified by my diet. take for instance, yesterday: that i ate breakfast was a total fluke; lunch was beans, rice and cornbread with is entirely respectable. but dinner? popcorn and graham crackers. ah, and water. i mean, really. it would've been okay if i hadn't had macaroni and cheese the night before (at least the whole box, as previously noted) and, gosh, graham crackers the night before? oh no, i had dinner with some folks, so it was a feast. but the night before that was graham crackers and sushi rice. you see? i can barely believe i'm posting this. it's so shameful. at any rate...

dessert (just when i'm done listening to more commentary about the supposed threat of the internet on the sacred duties of the librarian): popcorn with olive oil and popcorn, which i'm craving after discussing it with my dinner companions. and mint tea.


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