27 August 2006

summer update #4: Lesli's birthday

about to be frosted
Originally uploaded by deepfry.
because i'm a good friend, i took it upon myself to make lesli her dream birthday cake: lots of frosting, lots of reese's peanut butter products. the end result was a bit obscene, but in the best possible way. the filling, a mixture of peanut butter frosting and smashed peanut butter cups, was, as you can see by the photo, almost as thick as the cake itself.

and because i'm so wildly creative at midnight, after i've been baking for a few hours, i was struck with the most genius cake-decorating idea. i poured out all the reese's pieces, separated them by color and put together a little bicycle design.

et voila!

if you turn your head slightly to the right, you can see the bicycle, on a yellow road with an orange sky. i guess, uh, its supposed to take place at sunset or something. regardless of the post-apocalyptic sky, it was a damn good cake, if i may say so.


Anonymous april said...


you have 6 months to plan on one-upping yourself for my birthday cake..

4:53 PM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

what do you think about peppermint??

4:54 PM  

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