16 August 2006


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i've had a slew of amazing meals since i last blogged. the Food Tour of Portland, sweet corn in Iowa, southern bbq and much much more. but only a dinner as special as tonight's is apparently worthy of a blog entry. i started with the best of intentions. a light salad of tomatoes and cucumbers from my CSA (community supported agriculture: a weekly box of produce from a local farm) hoping to follow it up with something, oh, mildly nutritious. but what happens? instead, i consume what i fear was an entire box of thin mints (my neighbor had put them into a jar, as pictured, so it's hard to know). eek!

i'm going on a run.


Anonymous Nancy W. said...

Oh my. How did you even go from salad to cookies? (They *are* hard to resist....)

I guess technically you had salad for dinner and thin mints for dessert?

11:39 AM  

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