17 April 2006

from my personal professional photographer...

Eliz's Seder Leftovers
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My Personal Professional Photographer (3P) is doing a series on austere lunches and this passover lunch seems to fit the bill. a container of leftover sephardic charoset (like an unformed powerbar with nuts, dates, honey and apples), two hard boiled eggs and matzah.

i also finally, last night, delved into the world of the matzah pizza. i've vowed to avoid matzah lasagna (hate the stuff!) this year, but i love of the matzah pizza. the only difference between the two is that the lasagna allows for the matzah to absord every drop of moisture from the sauce, where the pizza is made and eaten instantly, and thus retains some moisture.

last night, i went upscale with my matzah pizza, using leftover roasted veggies to dress it up a bit. i'd never put toppings on my matzah pizza before and, you know, it makes a big difference. shocking, i know. this pizza had cauliflower, leeks and green onions on it. pretty fancy, eh?

i also, for the first time, cut the pizza into pieces, rather than biting into the whole thing, which inevitably breaks the matzah into a zillion pieces and sending them cascading down the front of my shirt, leaving a trail of crumbs and tomato sauce.

why it's taken me over two decades to figure out
  1. toppings
  2. cutting the pizza

is totally beyond me. i guess i'm usually just thinking to much about the oppression of the Jews in Egypt when we were slaves.


Blogger jammies said...

the photo of the pizza is making me hungry. very very hungry. i think i'll take my lunch now. perhaps i'll indulge in my new favorite lunch--grilled cheese and a salad from the illustrious by george cafe. the cheese is oh-so processed and oh-so tasty! it's either that or leftover easter lamb in the breakroom fridge.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous miranda said...

i'll swap you some kosher vegemite for some toms of maine deodorant.

6:57 PM  

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