02 April 2006


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so last week, as i was launching into hamantaschen round two, i decided that i needed The Best Equipment for the job--i wasn't going to mess this up. the recipe required that i make the dough in a food processor and so i took myself and my 20% off coupon to Bed, Bath and Beyond and got myself a real live grown-up cuisinart (7 cup bowl). it's the basic model: settings are on, off and pulse. but it did come with a video tape that presumably instructs on how to move between these settings...i haven't watched it yet, so i'm not sure.

but isn't it beautiful! what it lacks in settings, it makes up for in the variety of blades, shredders and whatnot. and, frankly, i'm off the opinion that "on" and "pulse" are all you need. my dough and my hamentaschen turned out perfectly!here they are, about to go in the oven. i made about 7 million of them...even running out of jam! thankfully, my neighbor and i have a beautiful relationship in which she provides me with missing ingredients and i provide her with fresh-baked goods.

i found, by the way, that the cheapo albertsons brand jelly was much easier to work with than the farmers market homemade, organic stuff. all the chemical junk they put in the storebought really keeps the jelly together when its heated to 325 degrees, whereas the higher quality product just melts into a big runny mess.

i love my cuisinart. it is definitely my favorite new toy. and it makes me feel like such an adult.


Blogger Mrs. Delicious said...

The day Andy bought me a Cuisinart was the day that I felt our relationship, and my cooking, were taken to the next level. Congratulations!

9:21 AM  
Anonymous mczlaw said...

Dear Ms. Fry:

Having failed miserably in my attempts to find a proper e-mail address for you. . .I comment publicly, though reluctantly:

I am a humble bagel baker, free lance food writer and periodic food blog commentator in Portland. By day I am a slightly less humble lawyer. You should consider a visit up this way on 4/22 for two vitally important reasons:

1. My friend (and majordomo baker), Greg Mistell, is turning out some apparently kick ass hamentaschen at his new bakery, Fleur de Lis. He is a Detroit native, so should be in tune with your own Purim-based pastry sensibilities. I am sure Greg would be willing to trade thoughts on optimal goo-to-pastry ratios and other such esoterica.

2. Though yet unconfirmed, I expect to be selling my bagels at the 4/22 Portland Farmers Market. Additional sales occasions are infrequent. Some people think these bagels are pretty good. I will gladly trade one for some baked item of yours (Candidly, however, hamentaschen make me want to hurl.)

(at pacifier.com)

10:03 AM  
Anonymous miranda said...

what are you doing spending money on non essentials when you should be saving for money to spend on stuffed koalas and fake boomerangs when you're in australia?



ps. i love applicances. drool.,

5:59 PM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

but miranda,
how will i prepare the heaps of homemade cookies i plan to bring with me? a guest can't come empty-handed, after all.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous miranda said...

or the goodies to bribe the customs guys with... they can get nasty and might not let you in wearing your knee high buffalo fur boots that are deflecting attention from the greasy cold rhl's cheese fries in your satchel.

i concede this point... reluctantly.


12:41 AM  

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