13 May 2006


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yesterday i went to the grocery store and came home with enough food to keep me alive for about seven months (there could be a blizzard that traps me in my apartment - you just never know), so when i walked down to the farmer's market this morning, i told myself that i would only get something if it was absolutely necessary. no reckless produce purchases for me; oh no, i was going to be Responsible and Reasonable. i brought my camera so i could pretend like i was there only to take photos, not to purchase. i walked the two blocks of the market without narry a inkling of consumer desire, merely admiring the beauty of the vegetables. my mistake was to double back through the market. as i approached the Very Last farm stand, i saw before me piles and piles of strawberry flats. i would've kept walking, but erin had to stop and buy greens. while waiting, i meandered over to the strawberries. Big Mistake. next thing i know, i'm convincing erin to split a 1/2 flat. but how could i resist the beautiful plumpness of the strawberries? and the line winding around the corner only further enticed me - peer pressure, you might say. now i have three pints of strawberries in my kitchen. sigh. i have no self-control. i am weak.


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